Cashiers Valley


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24” x 16” oil on canvas. #cashiersvalley Whiteside Mountain

  • is a well-maintained hiking trail that leads to the summit, allowing visitors to explore the mountain’s unique geological formations and enjoy the spectacular vistas from the top. The trail is relatively short, but it offers a rewarding experience.
  • Flora and Fauna: The area around Whiteside Mountain is home to diverse plant and animal species typical of the Appalachian region. Hikers may encounter hardwood forests, wildflowers, and various bird species while exploring the mountain.
  • Views: From the summit of Whiteside Mountain, visitors can enjoy stunning views of the surrounding valleys, lakes, and other peaks in the Blue Ridge Mountains. The vistas are especially breathtaking during the fall when the foliage turns vibrant shades of red, orange, and yellow.
  • Conservation: Whiteside Mountain is part of the Nantahala National Forest, which helps protect the natural beauty and ecological significance of the area. Conservation efforts are in place to preserve the unique characteristics of this mountain and its surroundings.

Whiteside Mountain is not only a natural wonder but also a place of outdoor recreation and natural beauty, making it a popular destination for hikers, nature enthusiasts, and those seeking stunning vistas in the North Carolina mountains.

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