Inspiration, creation, and oil on canvas

Landscapes from the places that embed themselves in my eye. Capturing the wind blowing through the dune grass at Newcomb Hollow Beach, Wellfleet, the last rays of the sun touching the Tetons, water rushing by a Appalachian mountain stream. 

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Paintings available for purchase.


Oils on Canvas


Portraits in oil and canvas, and pencil.


Commissions on request

Artwork is available as Originals or prints on canvas by Printful.  If you have something you would like painted or a portrait, inquire about commissions.

About Michael Meissner

Welcome to the Fine art of Michael Meissner. spending 35 years criss-crossing back and forth from commercial design to fine art (watercolor, oils and pencils) to wood working without skipping a beat. The acquired knowledge from one medium passed on to the next. Creativity is not limited to one set medium or field, but enhanced by the palette of many diverse tools....specially printed canvases lets you bring these works into your own home or office.

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Carolinas and Georgia
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New England Coast

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