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No.13, Augusta National Golf Club. 46” x 30” oil on canvas. #augustaga #augustanational #augustanationalgolfclub #augustagolf #meissnerfineart

Hole No. 13 at Augusta National Golf Club is famously known as “Azalea.” It is one of the most iconic and picturesque holes in the world of golf and is a key feature of the Augusta National golf course, which hosts the prestigious Masters Tournament.

Here’s a description of Hole No. 13, “Azalea”:

  1. Location: Hole No. 13 is located in the back nine of Augusta National, a par-5 that follows the 12th hole (Golden Bell) and precedes the 14th hole (Chinese Fir).
  2. Yardage: The hole typically plays around 510 to 530 yards for the Masters Tournament, but it can be stretched to over 570 yards for regular play. The yardage may vary slightly from year to year depending on the setup.
  3. Layout: The hole features a slight dogleg to the left, with a fairway lined by tall pine trees and azalea bushes, which are in full bloom during the Masters, creating a stunning visual contrast of vibrant colors against the lush green fairway.
  4. Amen Corner: Hole No. 13 is a part of the famous “Amen Corner,” which includes the 11th, 12th, and 13th holes. This stretch of the course is renowned for its beauty and its potential to make or break a player’s round.
  5. Rae’s Creek: The defining feature of this hole is Rae’s Creek, a picturesque creek that meanders in front of the green. Players need to carefully navigate their approach shots to avoid ending up in Rae’s Creek, which has claimed many a golfer’s hopes of victory at the Masters.
  6. Green: The green on Hole No. 13 is relatively shallow, making it challenging for players to hold their approach shots, especially when they are coming in with longer clubs after their second shots.
  7. Strategy: Golfers often have to make strategic decisions on this hole, deciding whether to go for the green in two shots, lay up short of Rae’s Creek for a safer approach, or attempt a daring shot over the creek to set up a birdie or eagle opportunity.
  8. Historical Moments: Hole No. 13 has witnessed numerous historic moments in Masters history, including dramatic comebacks and heartbreaking mistakes. It plays a pivotal role in the tournament’s drama year after year.

Overall, Hole No. 13, “Azalea,” is a visually stunning and strategically challenging hole that adds to the allure and mystique of Augusta National Golf Club and the Masters Tournament. Its beauty and the pressure it imposes on golfers make it one of the most memorable holes in the world of golf.

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