Covered Bridge


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#coveredbridge #softpastel on sanded uart paper. 12” x 18” #autumnart #newenglandart #meissnerfineart

Creating a soft pastel artwork of a covered bridge on sanded UART paper is a delicate dance between the tactile nature of the medium and the textured surface that the paper provides. The artist begins by laying down the first strokes of soft pastels, carefully blending and layering the hues to capture the warm, rustic tones of the wooden bridge. The sanded UART paper, with its fine-grit texture, allows the pastels to adhere with a velvety richness, enhancing the details and depth of the scene. As the composition evolves, the artist can play with the interplay of light and shadow, using the pastels to convey the dappled sunlight filtering through the surrounding foliage onto the bridge. The soft, powdery nature of the pastels perfectly emulates the gentle, weathered textures of the bridge’s exterior, creating a tactile and expressive representation. The artist’s hands, engaged in the subtle dance of color and texture, bring forth the charm and nostalgia inherent in covered bridges, making the scene come alive on the sanded UART paper. The finished artwork becomes a celebration of both the artistic process and the timeless allure of covered bridges, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the tranquility of the pastoral setting.

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